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Sometimes , all we need is an escape . An escape from the daily hustle of our day to day activities , because if we don’t , we reach a point where we feel life’s mundane – there’s no fire that burns inside of us anymore , the spark that makes us look forward to the next day – the spark that helps us push through the rough days. And this spark could be anything or anyone , any little thing even. So, when you feel this way , take an escape – travel , go somewhere – somewhere you feel at peace , somewhere you feel complete by yourself. This escape that you take will teach you so much about people , the world and most importantly YOU , because at the end of the day you should matter to yourself the most . When you go places is when you realize who you are as a person and how you perceive the people and the places around you speaks a lot about you , because this is you talking to yourself , discovering yourself , the inner you that you don’t even know exists .